Fluid jet ejectors, steam heaters, mixers, and restarting injectors: Officine Giudici's products cover a large range of industrial needs.

The range of products designed, manufactured and sold by Officine Giudici includes five great families of industrial products:

Ejectors for compressible and incompressible fluids

Vacuum pumps are proving more and more prone to malfunctions, and needy of expensive maintenance to remain in good operating condition, across several applications in all industrial fields . This expanding market niche is opening more and more to using fluid jet ejectors in their stead, both based on gases and vapors (compressible fluid jet ejectors) and on liquids (incompressible fluid jet ejectors). The total absence of moving parts on these devices makes them far sturdier, and allows for a long operating life without the need for expensive maintenance; furthemore, a fluid kept under pressure is the only energy source they need.

Steam heaters

Across a great number of industrial processes a common requirement exists: raising a liquid's temperature, either in a tank or along a pipe. In these cases, steam heaters can prove to be the ideal solution. They can be installed both inside and outside tanks, or directly along the pipe where the fluid flows; they work through steam condensation within the liquid, sport exceptional sturdiness and duration since they have no moving parts, and have the further advantage of allowing for uniform heating of a liquid, without creating layers at different temperatures.

Water-steam mixers

In industrial cleaning applications, as well as in civil and sanitary, often a need arises to have a jet of hot water, at a predetermined pressure, in very short times. This usually happens for an end-of-the-line, manual use, and not during a process. In such cases, the ideal product is surely a water-steam mixer, which can output high-temperature water instantly in the required quantity, avoiding waste or the need for tanks to keep a reserve of hot water ready.

Liquid mixers

In many industrial situations, different liquids must be mixed while avoiding their sedimentation or the formation of separate layers. By using applied principles of fluid dynamics, and according to each case's specific needs, liquid mixers are capable of keeping the two components of the mixture constantly agitated and thoroughly mixed.

Restarting injectors

In all those processes where a steam generator must be used, a common key difficulty arises: that of pumping water in the boiler against the pressure of the steam it is currently generating. By using the well-known system of the Venturi Pipes, restarting injectors use that same steam as it comes from the generator as a motive fluid, slowing down the water's flow but increasing its pressure enough to overcome the boiler's internal pressure, which would keep the valve sealed, and allowing for continual feed. Among the greatest advantages of restarting injectors is their complete independence from electrical energy; furthermore, they can manage very massive hourly flows, in a great range of pressure values.
If you're looking for standard model fluid jet ejectors, mixers, heaters or restarting injectors of proven reliability, or if you need custom design of any such device for your industrial plant, contact us today!


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