Fluid jet devices such as ejectors, heaters and mixers, are essential in a great number of industrial applications and fields.

Vacuum and mixing are central to an enormous number of industrial processes and fields of the most different kinds; and Officine Giudici's fluid jet devices, whether mixers, ejectors, restarting injectors or heater, prove to be the most satisfying, top-performing solution.

A few examples?

  • In chemical industries, our devices are used to extract gases and vapours downhill of the turbines;

  • In water treatment, ejectors and mixers prove essential for aeration, dilution, and solids transportation;

  • In shipbuilding, ejectors are used to empty ballast and bilges, and to prime non self-starting pumps;

  • In the petrochemical industry, ejectors are fundamental in multi-stage vacuum pumps;

  • In the food industry, fluid jet devices are used wherever concentrators and evaporators are;

  • In many fields, Officine Giudici's fluid jet devices are used as an aid to liquid ring vacuum pumps.

Whichever of these fields you operate in, and in any case if you work in a field where vacuum and mixing are an essential part of the manufacturing process, we have the right products to make your work easier and better-performing. Contact us today.


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