Working with Officine Giudici means enjoying professionalty and customization in the manufacturing of mixers, heaters and ejectors.

Ejectors for incompressible and compressible fluids, mixers, heaters and restarting injectors: the product categories which Officine Giudici deals in are so widely employed at all levels and in all kinds of industrial plant that there is no difficulty in finding them on the market.

But the customer can clearly perceive a difference on the service level, and in the way a supplier works: and Officine Giudici's production workflow entails following each of our Customers every step of the way, to overcome a simple supply attitude and develop a real cooperation on each project.


    Not all projects including an ejector or a mixer are born with all details perfectly defined; it often happens that ambient data is known (such as location of the fluid intakes and pressure of the fluids themselves) and a certain result is desired – which requires calculating exact exit pressure. Or, yet again, sometimes a Customer has precise data of the fluid volumes required for a project, but they have doubts on the best location of devices, or the best suited materials for the specific application. For this reason, our service starts with precise project consulting, where we put our eighty years of experience at our customer's disposal.


    Once the project's actual precise needs are determined, and objectives are identified, design of the ejector, or the heater, or the mixer, starts. In this phase, work is done on the details of the device's internal geometries and external measurements, so that, depending on incoming pressure and their position inside the plant, devices can output fluids at the required pressure and speed, and in the required quantities, so that the whole project may function correctly. The entire design phase is entrusted to our internal offices, to guarantee utmost care on each project.


    After consulting and design, or in those cases where a Customer does not need such phases, the central moment of manufacture comes up. All steps are internally executed, or when this is not possible, entrusted to well-known and proven Italian suppliers and partners for special welding and smelting. The result is a product of the utmost quality, perfectly capable of guaranteeing a long operating life without any need for maintenance.


    We are proud to be among the few operators in the ejector and mixer market who can internally test all designed and manufactured pieces in a specific testing room. We do this both during the design phase, with scale models, to verify performance, and at the end of manufacturing, to confirm a perfect match of all specifications with project requirements.

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    Long years on this market have allowed us to develop two important assets: firstly, a deep competence in the practical application of fluid dynamics which we can rely upon every time we cooperate with customers on their ejector, heater or mixer- equipped projects, and secondly, the ability to recognize those models which have proven, during our manufacturing history, to be of wider interest, so that we can sell them as standard models, besides our custom projects. In both situations, we are proud to offer customers top quality at extremely competitive prices, while keeping manufacturing times as short as possible, and adapting them to the specific needs and urgencies of the Companies who entrust us with their projects.

If we are the kind of company you were looking for, and you want our cooperation on your next project, contact us now!


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