Fluid jet devices custom-made for your industrial plant: from fluid jet ejectors to heaters, from steam-water mixers to restarting injectors, Officine Giudici manufactures the devices you really need.

In the field of fluid jet devices, infinite variations may be made to a few standard basic shapes; and these variations are the actual tool that allows for performance and efficiency of the device itself.

Due to the complex rules of fluid dynamics, altering the internal geometry, or the external measurements, of a device alters its performance as well. This way, a device's performance may be maximized at the same input pressure, or energetic costs of an industrial process may be drastically reduced; similarly, the right choice of materials in the construction of a fluid jet device makes it suitable for operating with particular fluids.

In eighty years of continuous work in the field, we've designed hundreds of custom-made components for a vast range of production needs and for the most complex applications. When you show us your project, we'll examine it with you to design the perfect fluid jet device for your specific case, as we've done so many times in the past.
For the custom manufacture of fluid jet devices of any kind for your projects, from ejectors to heaters to restarting injectors, contact Officine Giudici: we're here for you!


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