Fluid jet ejectors, steam heaters, mixers, and restarting injectors: Officine Giudici's products cover a large range of industrial needs.


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Liquid jet vacuum pumps are simple and versatile devices that generate vacuum using water or other liquid jet under pressure, by suction of gas or steam and discharging them at a pressure intermediate between motive and suction pressures.

The ejector sucks off gases and /or vapours with the aid of the kinetic energy gained from the motive liquid. At the same time the vapours – as far as physically possible - will be condensed.

Liquid jet compressors have no moving parts: they consist of a head, a motive nozzle (with twist piece) and a diffuser.

Being self-priming, they are ideal for discontinuous operations: for this reason they often are used to assist non-priming centrifugal pumps.

Ejector design is based on the theory of nozzle and diffuser areas and on a combination of theory and empirically determined coefficient for lengths and shape. The most efficient ejectors are obtained through experimentation of prototype and mechanical design.

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